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Our Story

All VB’s jewellery is designed and handmade in the family workshop in Valenza Po, a small town in the Piedmont Region, Northern Italy.

The history of Valenza's jewellery production goes back two Centuries to when the goldsmith Francesco Caramora moved here in 1817. He officially registered his stamp, the very first for goldsmiths in the area, in 1825 at the Alessandria Trademark Office. In the nineteenth Century, jewellers and goldsmiths like Vincenzo Morosetti and Carlo Bigatti launched the Valenza name for good.

Nowadays, Valenza boasts the highest number of handmade jewellery businesses in the Country, supported by a solid artisan tradition and strong technical, stylistic, and material innovation. Valenza craftsmen mastered goldsmithing and jewellery making over almost two Centuries in a continuous evolution, resulting in unique products on a global scale. It's "Made in Italy" at its finest: it's an art where past and present live together, embracing the artisanal savoir-faire of multiple generations, and a symbol of the Italian love for beauty.


VB Contemporary Jewellery Design was founded by Vanessa Bassan in 2014. Vanessa has been involved in a family jewellery business in Valenza Po for 15 years and brings this experience, knowledge and passion to London.